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Model Aircraft And Diesel Engines

We at Redfin Engines have designed and supply a range of model airplane engines to the needs of our customers for commercial and recreational use. These model aircraft engines are designed to an exacting specification with the aid of 3D CAD tools and CNC machines that ensure precision at its very best. These model airplane engines were recreated as the power plant for the operation of small model aircraft. If you have an educational project or just want to design a working, flying model aircraft for your own enjoyment, then these model diesel engines will fit the bill and deliver performance to your expectations. These model plane engines require the minimum of ‘running in’ before being ready to fly. All that is needed then is a suitable aerodynamically friendly aircraft in which these engines can be mounted by screw-in fasteners.

These model diesel engines are designed to be easy starting by hand, however you need to be wary of the sharp propeller edges as these can cause injuries. With these astutely designed diesel engines complete with their integral fuel tank, you need not worry about where to fit a fuel tank in your model aircraft. They exhibit commendably high efficiency, economy, under favourable operating conditions. All of this implies that your aircraft model is going to be a big success.

Additionally, these model aero engines are lightweight of light weight construction yet very robust. They can withstand many unintentional falls or collisions. The offered engines feature flexibility in operations and there are numerous ways in which these diesel engines can be used. These possibilities limited only by your own imagination.

Explore our wide range of model diesel engines and to choose the one that best meets your requirements. If however you are unsure about which model to choose, our experts can help you make a well-informed choice simply by dropping us an e-mail or by telephoning us. At Redfin Engines apart from the model aircraft diesel engine and sports engine, we also offer a range of parts and accessories at affordable prices. In case you need a new variable speed carburetor for your diesel engine, look no further than Redfin Engines for the best buy.

For our customers’ convenience, we have the facility of both online and offline payment; either way, your money is safe and secure. All the online transactions are accomplished through PayPal; therefore, you can confidently shop with us.

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