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About Us

Redfin model engines was established in 2012 in the United Kingdom.

Our objective is to provide a range of small diesel engines, parts and service, harking back to the ‘Golden Age of Model Engines’ that our clients appreciate and are adequately serviced with their needs and promoting a climate of recommendation for our product range.

The initial concept was to design an engine in the ‘old’ style that could be readily scaled up or down depending on the demand and requirements of the modelling fraternity. This has led to Redfin 049 as the entry engine followed by the Redfin 030 since then we have added the Redfin 061, Refin 090 and the Redfin 049RV with the Redfin 061RV soon to follow. The Redfin 030SBR (single ball race) is available but only on special order.

In addition to the engines we are supplying a ‘MFT’, Multi-Functional Tool which is a combination spanner and fits most all of the nuts on all of the engines supplied.

We carry a range of spare parts which means that you have the backing and service you require both here in the Uk and abroad.

From time to time new engines and variants shall be introduced to our ever growing range over the coming years.

All Australasian enquiries should contact direct.