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Unsolicited Testimonials,

I received my Millish 030 on Saturday and I am delighted with it, it’s very nice indeed. I look forward to hearing about any other models that you may produce in the future.


Just had the first chance to run the 030. I used my own mix consisting of 41.5% ether, 25% castor, 31.5%paraffin and 2% IPN which I use on all my diesels. Ran just fine on both 6×4 and 7×4 Kavan and Topflite respectively. No rpm figures but a good draft was obtained. Easy to start albeit the comp screw is a little tight, no bad thing. Great little engine and can power a Tomboy sized model with ease. It may well do just that!


The 030 arrived safely at the weekend. What a little gem, I’ve had it happily burbling away in the shed this morning – ah life’s simple pleasures.


Engine received this morning , thank you. beautifully packaged and presented. thanks again !


I bench ran the 049 at the weekend & after a bit of time trying to start it and getting the needle & comp right, it ran a treat. I ran about 4 or 5 tanks through it at varying speeds, cleaned it down & put it back in the box, it’s now awaiting a Tomboy & hope to fly it at the Nats evening free flight. Millish arrived yesterday – looks, feels and smells lovely! Also, brilliant presentation and packaging.
Don’t forget to keep me in the loop about the forthcoming 0.4 (although Doug Wass told me on Tuesday that it will be a 0.5?).


Hi Alex, engines have arrived! Very impressed with their general appearance and feel. Can’t wait to have them running!